Code of Conduct


We work with our clients on a confidential, legal and appropriate basis at all times. We are corporate advisors who offer political advice to our clients.

Our Clients

  • We will not work with clients where we have a conflict of interest or where we have ethical or other legitimate concerns regarding that potential client.
  • We must not lobby in relation to a matter or particular aspect of it if our clients have a conflict of interest with one another unless they have consented to our representing and lobbying for them both in these circumstances.
  • Clients must have given informed consent, to lobby on their behalf.
  • All new clients are subject to KYC checks, and as far as possible CGC determine whether there are conflicts which would preclude our involvement.
  • We conduct sanctions checks in the UK (the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI), HM Treasury) and in each jurisdiction for the clients we represent. We do not represent clients who are the subject of relevant Government or international sanctions.
  • CGC only lobby for clients where their instructions are clear. This means instructions from someone properly authorised to provide instructions to us that bind the client.


Code of Conduct

CGC’s Code of Conduct provides specific guidance on the conduct of staff when pursuing activities on behalf of clients in the UK. All staff follow this code.

Our code of conduct is founded on the code as set out by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Chowdhury Global Consulting – Code of Conduct

  • We must tell all stakeholders who we are and whom we represent – including the nature of our client’s or employer’s interests.
  • We do not intentionally mislead in any way.
  • We provide information that is accurate and true. We should make a reasonable effort to verify statements and we should be clear about what we don’t know to be accurate or true. No information should be deliberately omitted or obscured from briefings, statements or other material used in the course of representing a clients and where to do so would potentially create a misleading impression.
  • We do not offer bribes or inducements – which includes gifts or excessive entertainment, whether or not the intention is to solicit a favour or preference.
  • We manage and avoid conflicts of interest. We may not represent two clients who compete in the same market or have a clash of interests save for where we have express consent from both clients
  • A conflict of interest can also arise between our professional and personal interests. Where this arises, we are expected to cease acting for a client until any conflicts can be resolved.
  • We respect confidentiality – this is more than simply keeping a client’s commercial information confidential.
  • We respect the rules and regulations of all institutions we engage with on behalf of our clients the codes of conduct that bind other professionals.
  • We observe rules, resolutions, codes of conduct and statutes in relation to employing or contracting elected representatives, members of Parliament or members of the House of Lords, holders of public office and public servants – this includes any rules covering the periods of time after they have left those roles. We will abide by any guidance issued by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.
  • In the interpretation of this code, the Laws of the Land shall apply.


Under the principles of the Code, all members of CGC staff agree to:

  • maintain the highest standards of professional endeavour, integrity, confidentiality, financial propriety and personal conduct;
  • deal honestly and fairly in business with employers, employees, clients, fellow professionals, other professions and the public;
  • respect, in their dealings with other people, the legal and regulatory frameworks and codes of all countries where they practise;
  • uphold the reputation of, and do nothing that would bring into disrepute, the public relations profession or the Chartered Institute of Public Relations;
  • The above principles apply to all staff (and sub contractors) regardless of the nature of the work they are undertaking.


Raising A Concern

If you wish to raise a concern about our work or the conduct of a member of CGC staff please refer your concerns to Az Chowdhury, Senior Partner.